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   sustainable and chic.   The Vesper boards...

sustainable and chic.

The Vesper boards are a great gift idea for all chefs and barbecue friends.

We personalize every cutting board with the help of a laser. We would be happy to implement your personal ideas, should your desired motif not be in our assortment. Write us a message, we look forward to your request.

For anglers, kitchen fairies, barbecue gods, hobby and professional cooks. We offer the personalized cutting boards in beech, as a cutting board or as a breakfast board..

The boards Aptitlig and Proppmätt, made of beech or bamboo, from Ikea serve us as a basis. To make them last for a long time, they must NOT be put in the dishwasher. Just rinse and dry them hot and rub them with cooking oil every now and then.